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Write dazzling, image-rich newsletters your subscribers will love—instantly with AI

Your newsletter takes way too much time… You need to come up with topics, sections, images, and write it in an engaging way. Hoppy Copy helps you craft hyper-specific weekly newsletters that will stand out from your competition, nurture lifelong subscribers, all without the headache.
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Make your newsletter 100% custom and specific as you like, no matter what industry or niche

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Get weekly ideas for engaging new content sections.

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Automatically generate captivating copy and imagery that resonates with your audience.

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Use AI to tweak and edit, then send with your email software of choice.

Stay consistently on-brand with your unique voice

Replicate any brand tone or style and automatically apply it to all your content.
I know how frustrating it is to spend hours on emails that no one reads. That's why I'm thrilled to introduce Hoppy Copy. It's an incredible AI-powered tool that makes email writing a breeze. With Hoppy Copy, I've been able to craft better emails. 10x faster. And save countless hours.
Spending hours crafting emails that may not even be read can be exceedingly frustrating. This is why we are excited to introduce Hoppy Copy, an innovative AI-powered tool designed to streamline the email-writing process. Hoppy Copy enables users to compose higher-quality emails up to 10 times faster, significantly reducing time spent on email correspondence.
Ugh, spending hours on emails that vanish into the void? Total bummer. Enter Hoppy Copy: the AI wizard that turns your email struggle bus into a supersonic jet. It’s like, 10x faster and makes your emails pop! Now, who wouldn't want to save time and dazzle inboxes?
Images & GIFs

Bring words to life with creative AI images & GIFs

Make your emails pop with creative images and GIFs. Generate as you write, browse through our massive database of stock images, or recreate your favorites with your own flavor of AI.
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Designer Templates

Transform your content into beautiful designs

Work in a Notion style editor, then apply on-brand newsletter design themes to make your work shine. No clunky templates.

Export your newsletter, or send directly to your list

Export your newsletters, or easily schedule them with powerful publishing features built into Hoppy Copy:

✔️ Manage multiple newsletter brands in a single account
✔️ Optimized content for mobile and dark mode by default
✔️ Up to 99% deliverability

Monitor all your competitors’ newsletters

Access 1000’s of newsletters sent from top brands to learn their strategies. Or, track a new brand and we’ll automatically capture their emails in real-time.

Do way more than just newsletters

Use Hoppy Copy to write all your other marketing content too! From creating juicy Facebook ads, optimized website copy, and more.
AIDA Framework
Product Descriptions
Facebook & Google Ads
Perfect Headline
Creative Story
AIDA Framework
Product Descriptions
Facebook & Google Ads
Perfect Headline
Creative Story
AIDA Framework
Product Descriptions
Facebook & Google Ads
Perfect Headline
Creative Story
AIDA Framework
Product Descriptions
Facebook & Google Ads
Perfect Headline
Creative Story

Plus, everything else you need to become an email marketing pro

50+ email templates
Launch your product, onboard customers, send newsletters and more
Works on desktop and mobile
Take your work with you wherever you go, with our responsive web app
Editor mode
Format headings, paragraphs, lists, tweak copy and more
35+ languages supported
Reach your customers in French, Spanish, Mandarin and more.
Teams support
Invite your team and external stakeholders to collaborate on copy.
Spam checker
Filter out your email's spam keywords to ensure their deliverability
Folder/project management
Organize copy into folders so you can quickly find the ones you need.
Community access
Join our community of marketers to share ideas and get feedback.
“Cut my content
production time in half”
- Diana Jakubcova, Founder
“My work has never
been easier!”
Monica Nazli, Product Marketing
"Makes my small team feel like we have the power of an agency."
Tim Cason
CMO, CTRL Collective

“Obsessed with Hoppy Copy. Legit saved me hundreds of hours writing I swear. I have the idea, just can’t fully put it into words. This is where Hoppy Copy comes in and saves my business!“
Sasha Danielle
Founder, Sasha Danielle Photography
“I love using Hoppy Copy, it's made my work so much easier and faster! It's 10x better than Chat GPT!”
Sabitha Mahesh
Social Media Manager,
Hubman Chubgirl

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