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Leverage AI to send beautiful, hyper-personalized emails and sequences without the hassle.
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Go from plain text document to a beautifully branded email in a snap

Use AI to write in a Notion-style editor, then with one click, apply clean branded design themes ready for publishing. Your emails will feel personal and custom—and not like they come from a typical newsletter platform. No more template hassles.
Email Publisher

Schedule, automate, or export your emails

The most flexible email platform ever:

✔️ Manage multiple brands and domains in a single account
✔️ Send emails with Hoppy Copy, or export to your own ESP
✔️ Optimized content for mobile and dark mode by default
✔️ Up to 99% deliverability
Audience Segmentation

Give your audience more tailored messages

A built in CRM & AI tools let you send hyper-personalized messages, which you can send to specific segments, with specific criteria, at a specific time.

Transform single emails into multi-day sequences

Turn simple campaigns to entire sequences for more clicks and conversions. Our lightweight automation tools are easy to use and don't require technical consultants—without sacrificing power.

Don't need sending? Export to all the major platforms

Publish emails. Export templates. Sync images and products.
✔️ Hubspot ✔️ Constant Contact ✔️ ActiveCampaign ✔️ Shopify ... and more!
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Plus, everything else you need to become an email marketing pro

50+ email templates
Launch your product, onboard customers, send newsletters and more
Works on desktop and mobile
Take your work with you wherever you go, with our responsive web app
Editor mode
Format headings, paragraphs, lists, tweak copy and more
35+ languages supported
Reach your customers in French, Spanish, Mandarin and more.
Teams support
Invite your team and external stakeholders to collaborate on copy.
Spam checker
Filter out your email's spam keywords to ensure their deliverability
Folder/project management
Organize copy into folders so you can quickly find the ones you need.
Community access
Join our community of marketers to share ideas and get feedback.

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