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The most comprehensive AI brand library for marketers ensures your words, images, and designs are always engaging and on-brand.
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Let AI remember everything about you,
your brand, and your customer

Build your brand profile so your content says the right thing, the right way, to the right person—every time
Brand Voice

Train your unique
brand voice

Teach Hoppy Copy your unique style and tone. Down to the nitty details, including industry slang and words to avoid. Or pick, from a variety of hand-crafted voices that we know work well.
Brand Knowledge

Upload knowledge about your brand and audience

Save your target audience, your products and descriptions once. Then quickly pull them up whenever you're creating.
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Brand Image

Create a brand style for your images too

It doesn't stop with words. Create consistent images every time by saving unique brand image styles.

Create and save design themes

Save unique design themes for your emails and forms, then instantly transform your documents into on-brand marketing material.
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“Cut my content
production time in half”
- Diana Jakubcova, Founder
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been easier!”
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