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Every email you need to explode sales for your SaaS, Ecommerce Store, or Service

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Product Launch Email
Launch your new product to the world with an engaging email that drives real revenue.
Welcome Email
Generate a high-converting welcome email to introduce new subscribers to your product, build excitement, and increase sales.
Abandoned Cart Email
Write a full Abandoned Cart email sequence for any product or collection in one shot.
Lead Nurture Email
Educate your readers on a topic with `how to` content (checklists, Q&A and more) so they're primed to buy what you're selling.
Event Promotional Email
Fill your seats! Craft an eye-catching announcement email to promote your event.
Seasonal Email
Use AI to write a timely seasonal or holiday-themed email campaign in just a couple clicks.
Cold Outreach Email
Reach out to prospects and increase your reply rate with high-converting cold emails. Try it free!
Onboarding Email
Welcome new users to your product, build excitement, and encourage them to start using it.
Reactivation Email
Unengaged subscribers? Reactivate them with an email series.
Reminder / Follow Up Email
Take an existing email you've sent, and turn it into a reminder for customers who haven't taken action yet.
Multipurpose Email
Write any kind of email!
Social Proof Email
Write an email to build social proof and credibility amongst your prospects for your product or service.

Stay consistently on-brand with your unique voice

Replicate any brand tone or style and automatically apply it to all your content.
We’ve all been there before—spending hours writing emails that don’t even get read. It’s downright frustrating. Well, it’s time to say goodbye to those long, tedious days of writing emails. Because we’re excited to introduce Hoppy Copy—the revolutionary AI-powered email writing tool that will save you countless hours and write better email campaigns 10x faster.
We understand the frustration of spending countless hours writing emails that often go unread. We are pleased to announce the debut of Hoppy Copy, an AI-powered tool that can drastically reduce the amount of time spent crafting emails while writing high-quality campaigns, 10 times faster.
It's time to wave goodbye to those long, drawn-out hours of writing emails that no one even reads. It's enough to drive anyone bananas! But never fear, Hoppy Copy is here! This AI-powered email writing tool will have you writing killer email campaigns in no time, saving you loads of time and making sure you get the attention you deserve.

Do way more than just email

Use Hoppy Copy to write all your other marketing content too! From creating juicy Facebook ads, optimized website copy, and more.
AIDA Framework
Product Descriptions
Facebook & Google Ads
Perfect Headline
Creative Story
AIDA Framework
Product Descriptions
Facebook & Google Ads
Perfect Headline
Creative Story
AIDA Framework
Product Descriptions
Facebook & Google Ads
Perfect Headline
Creative Story
AIDA Framework
Product Descriptions
Facebook & Google Ads
Perfect Headline
Creative Story

How to write winning emails using AI


Pick the AI email template that’s right for your goal.


Describe your brand and the email you want to send. Then select your tone, and hit "Create"!


Use our advanced editor to check for grammar, deliverability (spam) and refine your email's formatting & copy.


Copy / Paste into your email automation service of choice, and confidently hit the send button.

Plus, everything else you need to become an email marketing pro

50+ email templates
Launch your product, onboard customers, send newsletters and more
Works on desktop and mobile
Take your work with you wherever you go, with our responsive web app
Editor mode
Format headings, paragraphs, lists, tweak copy and more
35+ languages supported
Reach your customers in French, Spanish, Mandarin and more.
Teams support
Invite your team and external stakeholders to collaborate on copy.
Spam checker
Filter out your email's spam keywords to ensure their deliverability
Folder/project management
Organize copy into folders so you can quickly find the ones you need.
Community access
Join our community of marketers to share ideas and get feedback.

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