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How to write a winning Onboarding Email


Tell the AI Wizard about your product, your brand’s backstory, what users can expect during the onboarding process, and anything else you feel is relevant. Then, select your tone and click “Create”.


Use our advanced editor to edit, tweak, reword, and filter out spam keywords to maximize email deliverability.


Copy / Paste into your social media platform(s) of choice, and confidently hit the post button.


Tips for a high-performing

Onboarding Email

1. Personalize the greeting: Address the user by their first name to create a sense of connection and familiarity. This helps establish rapport and makes the email feel more tailored to the individual.

2. Set expectations: Clearly outline what the user can expect from your product or service, including key features, benefits, and how it will help them achieve their goals. This helps build excitement and anticipation for using your SaaS product.

3. Provide clear next steps: Offer actionable guidance on how to get started with your product, such as setting up an account, completing a tutorial, or exploring specific features. This helps users feel more confident and reduces friction in the onboarding process.

4. Offer support: Make it easy for users to access help resources, such as FAQs, documentation, or customer support channels. This demonstrates your commitment to their success and encourages them to reach out if they encounter any issues.

5. Showcase social proof: Include testimonials, case studies, or success stories from other users to build credibility and trust. This helps reassure new users that they've made the right choice in selecting your SaaS product.

6. Keep it concise and engaging: Write in a friendly, conversational tone and avoid using jargon or overly technical language. Keep the email brief and focused on the most important information, ensuring it's easily digestible for users on mobile devices.



Apply pro copywriting formulas
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AIDA Formula
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Creative Hook
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PAS Formula
Pain → Agitate → Solution. Persuade readers by speaking to their specific pain points. Perfect for persuasive emails.
Transform your content into a creative personal story.
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