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Use Spam Check to automatically identify spam keywords causing your emails to go to junk mail folders, then substitute those keywords for stronger copy.
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20% of marketing emails don't reach the inbox. Make sure yours do.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to reduce the chances of your email being caught in a spam filter. One of the easiest and most important: avoid using spammy keywords in your subject line and email content. Let us scan your copy and tell you exactly what to change, so you can increase your open rates and get more eyeballs on every email.
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How to check for spam words using AI


Select any section of text in the Document Editor, and click "Spam Check"


You'll instantly get a Spam Score. You’ll also get a full breakdown of keywords that may be contributing to this score.

Keep in mind, it may not just be the keywords contributing to your spam score, as we use a machine learning model that also looks at the context of the entire email. You can read more about how this works inside our tool.

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