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Sending one email just isn’t enough. Now you can write entire email sequences in just a few minutes. Follow the easy step-by-step guides, then use AI to generate your sequence. Enjoy helpful tips and suggestions you can apply at each step along the way.
Create an Email Sequence—FREE
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Give yourself a playbook for every email sequence you’ll need to start crushing sales today

Reactivation Sequence (Win-Back)
Re-engage inactive contacts who have made purchases or signed up for your email list but stopped opening your emails.
Post Purchase Sequence (Thank You)
Build your brand while encouraging customers to purchase from you again and again.
Feedback Request Sequence
Encourage actions on behalf of your customers, be it a survey, review, or other request.
Cross Sell Sequence
Cross sell customers to buy related products.
Award Customers Sequence (VIP)
Increase customer lifetime value and retention by recognizing your best customers.
Lead Nurture Sequence (Soap Opera)
Use this popular storytelling technique to build rapport with your audience and butter them up so they are ready to buy your products and services.
Lead Nurture Sequence (classic)
A classic lead nurture sequence to move prospects through your purchase funnel.
Upsell Sequence
Upsell existing users or customers to buy more.
Lead Nurture Sequence (Seinfeld)
Nobody likes being sold to. Use these three styles of short, entertaining daily or weekly emails to keep readers engaged and convert your leads to paying customers. Great to use after building trust via a Soap Opera sequence.
Deal Promotion Sequence
Promote a special deal or discount to drive sales.
Event Promotion Sequence
Promote and drive participation of your event, giveaway, or contest.
Abandoned Cart Sequence
Encourage visitors to complete their purchase. Promote your entire collection, or create a unique sequence for your best selling products.

How to write your email sequence using AI


Select "Sequences" in the left sidebar, and pick the AI email sequence that’s right for your business goal


Choose the emails you wish to create for the perfect sequence


Enter your brand and a brief description about what your email is about, then select your tone and click "Create"


Check for grammar and spam using our advanced editor to ensure you land in the inbox


Copy / Paste into your email automation service of choice, and confidently hit the send button

Plus, everything else you need to become an email marketing pro

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35+ languages supported
Reach your customers in French, Spanish, Mandarin and more.
Teams support
Invite your team and external stakeholders to collaborate on copy.
Spam checker
Filter out your email's spam keywords to ensure their deliverability
Folder/project management
Organize copy into folders so you can quickly find the ones you need.
Community access
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