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Tone of voice accounts for 38% of meaning in communication

And with content creation becoming easier and easier with AI, finding your unique tone is more important than ever to add meaning to your words.

AI-Driven brand voice creation

Train AI on your brand voice, so it can accurately replicate your unique style, tone, and voice for impactful, uniform messaging.
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How to create your unique brand voice with AI:


Navigate to the “Brand Library” section of HoppyCopy


Click on “Add brand voice”


Give the AI Wizard some examples of your brand messaging such as emails


Choose a name for the brand voice


Use the editor to rewrite certain pieces, expand on others, and so much more


Tips for high-performing


Provide detailed examples: Submit multiple examples of your brand's content that you feel accurately represent your brand's voice. More context allows the AI to better understand the nuances of your style.

Highlight unique phrases: If your brand uses specific catchphrases, taglines, or jargon, make sure they're present in the samples to teach the AI your brand's linguistic signatures.

Use long-form content: Longer pieces of content can provide a deeper insight into your brand's messaging style and allow the AI to capture the voice more effectively.

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