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Use AI to instantly generate creative, enticing lead magnet concepts that convert visitors into loyal subscribers.
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A lead magnet is where email marketing starts

They are the gateway to building your email list. And by using them right, you can convert curiosity into long term commitment.

Transform visitor interest into a thriving subscriber base

Craft lead magnets designed to convert. Use AI to explore dozens of creative angles you can use to entice visitor and grow your list organically.
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How to build impactful lead magnets:


Tell the AI Wizard about your brand, product, or service


Write about what you want to cover & offer


Insert the best looking outputs into the document editor



Use the editor to rewrite certain pieces, expand on others, and so much more


Tips for high-performing

lead magnets

Highlight value: Clearly articulate the value of what you’re offering. Make sure the AI tool knows the key benefits to emphasize in the lead magnet.

Be specific in your offer: Vague offers don’t convert. Use the tool to generate lead magnets with specific, tangible benefits, like "Download our free 5-step guide to doubling your traffic."

Use strong call-to-actions: Encourage action with compelling CTAs. Instruct the tool to include phrases like "Get instant access" or "Start your free trial today."

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