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Without a good subject line, your email is wasted

Imagine creating a great product, only to not tell anyone about it? That's how subject lines work. You have this great email ready to send, but without a compelling subject line, why would anyone open it?

Craft subject lines better than the rest

With Hoppy Copy, you can instantly craft irresistible subject lines that make sure your emails actually get read. AI lets you quickly spin up hundreds of variations for you to find the one that feels just right.
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How to write winning subject lines


Navigate to the Subject Line Generator in AI Tools


Describe your email or ideal subject line


Save the variations you like, then use the advanced editor to check for grammar, rewrite certain words, add more detail, and so much more.



Use the editor to rewrite certain pieces, expand on others, and so much more


Tips for high-performing

subject lines

Keep the length to 50 characters (including spaces) or less

Match your tone and level of formality to your brand.

Avoid too many CAPS

Personalization wherever possible

Avoid spam words like 'buy' or 'attention' or 'money'

Plus, everything else you need to become an email marketing pro

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Take your work with you wherever you go, with our responsive web app
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Format headings, paragraphs, lists, tweak copy and more
35+ languages supported
Reach your customers in French, Spanish, Mandarin and more.
Teams support
Invite your team and external stakeholders to collaborate on copy.
Spam checker
Filter out your email's spam keywords to ensure their deliverability
Folder/project management
Organize copy into folders so you can quickly find the ones you need.
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Join our community of marketers to share ideas and get feedback.
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