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May 14, 2024

Are email newsletters the new blogs?

Josh @ Hoppy Copy
3x founder, CMO, loves email marketing
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The Hustle. Morning Brew. The Daily Upside. 1400.

That’s not a bunch of random words.

Those are the names of some VERY popular newsletters.

Well-rounded, easily digestible content in the form of a newsletter has been growing in popularity.

But why? And why are so many businesses focusing on this over a blog?

There are a few good reasons:

People like snackable content.

We are inundated with so much information everyday that it’s hard to filter out what’s important and what’s not. Bite-sized content gives people info on topics people are really looking for without info overload.

Newsletters create community.

We yearn to belong. And newsletters foster that 1-to-1 touch where anyone can respond to your email and follow along on a journey as you share updates and news with them. With a blog, people find your content via SEO. They read it and leave. But with a newsletter you own your subscribers. You can contact them whenever you want. And because of this you have a much better opportunity to convert subscribers to paying customers over the long term, while keeping current customers engaged.

Newsletters can be personalized.

People love personalized content but you can’t really give them that with blog content. Thanks to segments and other personalization features in email, your newsletters can be customized for different audiences.

Blogging takes a long time before you get results.

It’s like planting food for the season. You have to do all the hard work upfront and then foster it to get it to grow and rank in search engines. Blogging is a long game and there’s nothing wrong with that, but most businesses need to drive results now.

This is why people are taking newsletters super seriously these days. In fact, a lot of businesses go from zero to exploding into a success thanks to their newsletter strategy.

Just look at some of these examples from various industries.

😍 Newsletter examples we love

Chris Orzechowski, Copywriter

Chris knows the power of newsletters. He’s a 7-figure email copywriter who regularly sends newsletters to his audience because he knows how well they work for selling. He sells everything from digital books, online courses to working with him for copywriting. You don’t make 7-figures by accident. He attributes a lot of his revenue to his email marketing. They are mostly plain text emails with a lot of copy but they’re full of his personality while still integrating sales into the process.

He is his own brand, so he lets his personality come through in his emails. It’s smart, it gives people a taste of who they’ll be working with and helps him sell his courses and related products.  

The Rundown, AI Insights

The Rundown newsletter shares insights about the world of AI. But what’s fascinating about this story is that it grew from 0 to 200k+ followers in under 4 months and produced a full-time income as a one-man team.

He wanted to make AI easy to understand and share what he was learning. His audience wanted what he was laying down and he took their cues to shape the newsletter into a successful business.

Moment, eCommerce brand

Moment is a unique brand that sells products and courses for videographers and photographers.

In building their community, they lean heavily into their newsletter by sharing education and insights on this topic and asking their readers questions to keep them engaged. It is a great example of using newsletters to drive eCommerce sales and community.

Michael Hyatt w/ Full Focus, Coaching

The Full Focus newsletter that Michael puts out is a great mix of branding (consistent colors, fonts, voice and tone) and providing readers with actionable insights around productivity.

His company sells planners, courses, business coaching and even speaker gigs, but he leans in hard with building up his community to do this. He does this in a variety of ways, but primarily by being helpful and educational in his newsletter.

What do these newsletters all have in common?

No two newsletters above are exactly alike, but underneath the copy and design, there are some things they each do really well:

Tell captivating stories.

People remember a good story and most of these newsletters, when you study them, include stories that keep people interested.

Show engaging visuals.

You don’t always need visuals to make a good newsletter. But when they’re good, they keep the reader scrolling and reading.

Contain strong CTAs.

Readers need to know what action to take. A good CTA points them in the direction they need to go. Every newsletter mentioned above contains great examples of these.

Include community elements.

The community elements could be anything from asking readers to engage online, to comment or reply with their opinion, or even personalization that one reader might get but another won’t. They’re small but powerful ways to keep people feeling in the loop and wanting more.

Newsletters are the new blogs

The way people like to consume content is changing.

They prefer snackable content, that they can follow along with every month, week, or day.

But unlike platforms like Snapchat or Houseparty, newsletters won't stop being a thing overnight.

They’ve been around for decades and only gained popularity to the point we are today. They’re proving to be one of the best ways to grow online communities and foster that personal communication you and your subscribers both need, and much faster than a traditional blog can.

This leads us to what we’ve been working hard on.

We know we all need a newsletter, but it can be difficult to get one created constantly. It requires a constant flow of ideas and a decent amount of writing.

And that’s why we built the Newsletter Creator in Hoppy Copy.

Using the formulas and styles from the best-performing newsletters right now, you'll be able to spin up an amazing image-rich newsletter of your own in a fraction of the time.

As a copywriter elbow deep in writing newsletters every day, that’s a huge help.

You need a newsletter. You shouldn’t let being short on time or ideas get in the way of your getting one started and sent consistently.

Josh @ Hoppy Copy
3x founder, CMO, loves email marketing

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