Lead Nurture (Soap Opera): Email Sequence Guide

Use this popular storytelling technique to build rapport with your audience and butter them up so they are ready to buy your products and services.


Day 1: Set The Stage

Introduce yourself, build some rapport, and tell people what they can look forward to in your upcoming emails.

Create with Hoppy Copy:

[[ tool: welcome_new_subscribers_v3 | Welcome Email > ]]


  • Send immediately after trigger event (when they sign up)
  • Explain why you’re a top expert at what you do (why trust you i.e. share your background, an industry secret)
  • Explain why they should pay attention to your upcoming emails (i.e. free resources, etc)
  • Don’t start telling your story yet (wait for email #2!)
  • Introduce a valuable piece of content to kick it off (that further builds your credibility), and/or deliver on what you promised in your lead magnet

Day 3: High Drama

Capture your audience with an emotional, attention-grabbing, high-drama moment. Tell them a short backstory, then reveal the challenge you came up against.

Create with Hoppy Copy:

[[ tool: lead_nurture_v3 | Lead Nurture Email > ]]


  • Tell a high drama story
    - Start the story by focusing on a relevant low point (i.e. in your life or in a career). This should be the story that led you (or someone else) to use your products and services.
    - Dig the knife in deep. Use sensory language (colors, sounds, smells, etc.) that paint an emotional and visual picture of the low point / challenge.
    - Explain that this was a pivotal moment where you realized you had to take a different path less travelled, but don’t tell them exactly what it is.
    - Encourage readers to stay tuned for your next email where you’ll tell them how what you discovered changed your life
  • Provide links/access to any resources you may have promised the day before

Day 5: Epiphany

Reveal your big epiphany—explain how you stumbled on the ‘aha moment’ that changed everything.

Create with Hoppy Copy:

[[ tool: lead_nurture_v3 | Lead Nurture Email > ]]


  • Use a similar story format as the previous email. Describe what led you to your ‘aha moment’ that changed everything for you, and what steps you took after this, and how this felt.
  • In the story, introduce them to concepts and ideas they need to understand to see the full value of your products and services (for example, if selling copywriting services, the story should showcase how you realized how much of an impact copy can have on a website’s conversion rate).
  • At the end of this email, direct readers to a free extra value-add resource (i.e. video, blog post) relevant to your story.
  • Do NOT sell them on anything (not yet)… you are still building trust and offering real value.
  • Let them know what to look forward to in your next email

Day 7: Hidden Benefits

Now that your subscribers are invested in your story, start sharing the success you saw with your approach, as well as any products or services you sell.

Create with Hoppy Copy:

[[ tool: lead_nurture_v3 | Lead Nurture Email > ]]


  • Emphasize the amazing success and results (i.e increased income, recognition, health) you achieved after you had your ‘aha moment’ and changed your approach.
  • Mention any extra hidden benefits to your approach that your audience might not be aware of
  • Show social proof that makes your audience feel its possible for them to achieve this too
  • Make your first offer to sell your product or service. Make sure it’s a no brainer offer. Something so good they’d have a hard time saying ‘no’ to (i.e. a free book, free trial, or a huge discount).

Day 10: Call-to-Action

Make and offer, while use FOMO to push your most stubborn readers over the edge.

Create with Hoppy Copy:

[[ tool: sales_letter_v3| Multipurpose Email > ]]


  • Hard sell your product or service. Restate its main benefits. Include a clear call-to-action.
  • Use scarcity or urgency (i.e. “only 5 spots left!” or “offer only available this week”)
  • Let them know this is the only and last time they’ll get this special offer
  • Include more social proof that makes your audience feel its possible for them to achieve this too (ie reviews, awards, testimonials, case studies)
  • Address any potential resistance that might be preventing customers from trying your product (i.e. shipping cost, refunds, warranty etc).
  • Other tips:
    - Even if you don’t have a product yet, a soap opera sequence can nurture your subscribers for when you’re ready.
    - Ask for responses / engagement along the way
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